How Far Will Consumers Go to Pay for Online Content?

How Far Will Consumers Go to Pay for Online Content?

A report from CloudSense reveal that forty percent of consumers in America pay for their online content on sports, business and fashion although seventy percent of those who said so have access to those content categories online.

The unwillingness to pay for digital content is apparent even when we’re all living in the digital era. According to surveys, forty five percent of people between sixteen and twenty four year old say they spend cash on just any online content from publishers.

In addition to the findings of the said report we’ve extracted a couple more information about this matter. The survey studied four thousand consumers situated in the United Kingdom and the United States, these are the findings:

The percentage of respondents who are willing to pay:

A meager twenty four percent of respondents from the US say they are okay with the idea of paying just to subscribe to exclusive content from online publishers. Respondents from the UK aren’t as eager because only seven percent of the respondents say they would shell out cash for subscription.

In addition, only eleven percent of the respondents say they are willing to pay for expedient content from online publishers.

The amount spent on content are as [...]

Marketing Strategies Applicable To Small Businesses

Marketing Strategies Applicable To Small Businesses

Every business entrepreneur knows that marketing a small business is a challenging feat knowing full well that the industry is already swamped with large scaled companies that can easily swallow small businesses whole. But there exists a couple of marketing strategies that really work best among small businesses. In fact, these strategies were once used by large enterprises back when they started out small.

According to recent studies, word-of-mouth still tops the list. Word-of-mouth is an unpaid form of advertising wherein customers vouch for a particular product or service belonging to a business. When a customer is satisfied with a product he will more likely share it to his friends and family. And those whom he shared that information with will most likely share it to their friends and family as well. Sixty two percent of small businesses believe that word-of-mouth referral is by far the most effective in garnering sales.

The report showed other marketing strategies that small businesses are in favor of including email, which is ranked as top 3 by thirty four percent of business owners. Next is networking, which garnered the favor only twenty five percent of respondents. Social Media comes next [...]

Maximizing Productivity While Working From Home

Maximizing Productivity While Working From Home

A lot of people love to work from home and if they had a choice, they’d probably choose to just stay at home instead of going through the hassle of taking the train every morning to go to work. Perhaps the reason why working from home is such a tempting idea is because of its perks. Working in the comforts of your own home could not compare to working in a traditional office setup for a number of reasons.

Like have you ever had those days when you’re just not in the mood to socialize because you got up on the wrong side of the bed? Or for whatever reason, when you are working from home you don’t have to feel obliged to socialize because there is no one there except you and the buzzing sound your computer makes. Whereas when you’re working in an office it’s an unspoken rule to smile at people and talk to them or greet them good morning regardless of your mood because if you don’t do it, people will judge you as rude and you’ll be the talk of the town during lunch break.

Another reason why people love to work from home is the [...]

The Relevance of Success Stories In Marketing Your Business

The Relevance of Success Stories In Marketing Your Business

Marketers and business entrepreneurs recognize the significance of having cogent product brochures and a powerful website. However, most of them undervalue success stories or otherwise known as case studies. Case studies are important in any business because it helps create a buyer persona, which is a realistic example of a quintessential company customer. Below are reasons why success stories are an essential part of the marketing process.

1. Providing an example allows them to better understand your business.

To help people understand you need to set examples. This is especially true among complex businesses. No one is ever going to appreciate something they don’t understand. Broaden their understanding by giving out examples to make it easy for them to grasp what you mean.

2. Your success story ill evoke empathy in your customers.

Empathy is another powerful tool to draw in customers. A carefully written success story will enable your potential market to empathize with the situation your success story persona is facing and when you do successfully arouse empathy in a customer, they will see your business in a different light.

3. A success story reads more credibility than a creatively written brochure.

Readers are no longer convinced with [...]